A batch file to ease Python packages install on Windows

Here is a simple batch file "install.bat" to ease Python packages install on Windows.

What is it for?

This is useful for Python packages released as source code in zip files, provided with a setup.py script.

Usually to install these packages, it is necessary to :

  1. open a CMD window
  2. change directory to where package source is unzipped
  3. type either "setup.py install" or "python setup.py install" (depending on which version of Python is installed)

This is not straightforward for many Windows users, and usually unnecessarily annoying. The simple install.bat below will just do the same task, in a more convenient way: You only have to double-click on it. It will automatically figure out how to launch the script setup.py.

I have not tested it on many versions of Python, but it should at least work for versions 2.3 to 2.6.

How to use it:

Simply put the file in the same directory as setup.py within your package.

Double-click on install.bat to install the package.


This file install.bat can freely used, modified and redistributed, as long as credit to the author is kept intact. Please send any feedback, issues or improvements to decalage at laposte.net.


  • 2009-02-27 v0.02: supports Python 2.6
  • 2007-09-04 v0.01: initial version


  • Of course it may be possible to achieve the same thing in a more elegant way using a Python script. Please let me know if you have the solution.
  • Display a message first with a pause, to allow the user to cancel before installing.
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