tempfilemgr - a Python module to manage temporary files

tempfilemgr is a Python 2.x module to easily create temporary files and directories, and to make sure that all of them are deleted after use. It adds several useful features to the standard tempfile module.

Main advantages (compared to the standard tempfile module):

  • Files and directories are created using tempfile.mkstemp and mkdtemp (see Python help), which means they should only accessible to the user that created them.
  • Temporary files can be closed and reopened.
  • It is possible to access them using their filename, for example with external tools.
  • Unlike mkstemp, newTempFile returns a file object instead of an OS-level file handle.
  • It is possible to delete them when needed, or to request deletion of all existing temporary files after processing, to avoid omissions. (for example when a fatal exception occurs)

Notes on usage

The atexit module can be used to clean all temporary files/dirs at the end of a script:

  import atexit, tempfilemgr


CeCILL (open-source GPL compatible): see source code and http://www.cecill.info for details.


Philippe Lagadec


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