Portable ExeFilter

If you want to test or use ExeFilter on Windows but you cannot or you do not want to install a Python interpreter, Portable ExeFilter is a simple solution. You just need to unzip it in any folder on a hard drive or a USB stick and it should run anywhere.

It even works on systems where users cannot install applications without administrator rights.


  • 2011-05-25: Single package with Movable Python and simple batch launcher


Pick the zip file below.


Simply double-click on Portable_ExeFilter.bat.

For a quick demo:

  • Type demo_files in the source field, then click on the Scan button.
  • Type demo_output in the destination field, then click on the Clean button.


Portable ExeFilter is a version of ExeFilter bundled with Movable Python. See here for the Movable Python license.

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Portable_ExeFilter-1.1.4-alpha4.zip31 Mo