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book pagertfobj - a python tool to extract embedded objects from RTF files decalage02 years 48 weeks ago
book pagepyxswf - a python tool to extract SWF (Flash) objects from documents (improved xxxswf) decalage02 years 48 weeks ago
book pageoleid - a python tool to quickly analyze OLE files decalage02 years 48 weeks ago
book pageolebrowse - a simple python GUI to browse OLE files and extract streams decalage02 years 48 weeks ago
PagereScan - quick pattern matching in files for malware analysis decalage02 years 48 weeks ago
PageBalbuzard - malware analysis tools to extract patterns of interest and crack obfuscation such as XOR decalage02 years 48 weeks ago
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PageOVALdi - an open-source local vulnerability assessment scanner decalage04 years 16 weeks ago
Pagepywordform - a Python module to parse MS Word forms (docx) to extract field values and tags decalage04 years 44 weeks ago
Pageiodeflib - a python library to create, parse and edit IODEF incident reports decalage04 years 45 weeks ago
PageHow to package a Python app and the Python interpreter in a single EXE decalage05 years 11 weeks ago
PageCherryProxy - a filtering HTTP proxy extensible in Python decalage05 years 13 weeks ago
PageHow to create network servers in Python (HTTP, FTP, SMTP, SOAP, syslog, ...) decalage05 years 18 weeks ago
PagePortable ExeFilter decalage05 years 39 weeks ago
Pagetempfilemgr - a Python module to manage temporary files decalage06 years 3 days ago
PageCanSecWest08 - ExeFilter decalage06 years 1 week ago
PageEUSecWest 2010 - Fighting PDF malware with ExeFilter decalage06 years 3 weeks ago
PageOrigapy - a Python module to sanitize PDF files decalage36 years 3 weeks ago
PagePDFiD - a Python module to analyze and sanitize PDF files decalage06 years 22 weeks ago
PageHow to install Ruby 1.8.6 and Ruby-GTK2 on Windows decalage06 years 23 weeks ago