Using ExeFilter against PDF exploits and zero-days such as CVE-2009-4324

This short article shows how ExeFilter can be used to disable JavaScript in PDF files, which is effective against many Adobe Reader exploits discovered in 2009, including the recent zero-day CVE-2009-4324.

How to run Ruby code from Python (Python-Ruby bridge)

There are several solutions if you need to run Ruby code from Python. It may be useful when you find an interesting Ruby module which has no equivalent in Python.

Python tips - How to easily convert a list to a string for display

There are a few useful tips to convert a Python list (or any other iterable such as a tuple) to a string for display.

Recommended Python modules and tools

Collection of useful Python modules and tools, sorted by use case.

How to parse configuration files in Python

There are several solutions to parse configuration files in Python.

A mini Python tutorial

Here is a mini Python tutorial, for people who want to quickly learn Python basics. It also provides links to more detailed documentation. Since January 2010, a more complete Python crash course is also available, with slides and samples. - a Python module to easily generate HTML tables and lists has been developed to easily generate HTML code for tables and lists in Python scripts. This is mostly convenient to generate reports in HTML or simple web applications in lightweight frameworks such as CherryPy.

BlindFTP - one-way file transfer for a network data diode

BlindFTP is a simple and portable tool for file transfers through unidirectional network connections (without acknowledge), for instance an optical network diode.

xfl - a Python module to create and compare file lists in XML

xfl is a simple Python module to store and compare lists of files and complete directory trees in XML. It uses the ElementTree module to provide a pythonic interface to XML.

plx - Python portable layer extensions

plx is a module providing a few functions to improve Python portability on Windows and Unix.

Python is a very portable language, and it’s a pleasure to write one script and run it seemlessly on Windows, Linux and MacOSX. But many features in the standard library are not available on all platforms. I’m always frustrated when I come across "Avalability: UNIX" in the Python Library reference...

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